Strategic Research Program


The Strategic Research Program allocates medium to large research grants for medium and long-term projects of primary national importance. This supports proposals that respond to strategic needs, ensuring research relevance and excellence, and which may be led by a local organization chosen by The Research Council for its experience in the research topic - with the aim of building national research capacities in strategic areas. 

The aim of the strategic research programs to enhance national economy and welfare through increased scientific research and training, thereby developing local research capacity, consolidating leadership in key areas and discovering solutions to national challenges.  By generating new knowledge and technology through networks of local and international scholars, the Strategic Research Grant Program further strengthens Oman’s industrial base, generates wealth, creates employment and improves public policies in economic and social areas. 
The steering committee is responsible for the management of the program, issuing a call for proposals, evaluating the proposals, negotiating with the selected research team on an agreement, and administrating financial and scientific reports during and after the project. Chair and committee members are selected based on their expertise or job position of relevance to the funded project.

Application Criteria

The Strategic Research Program is open to institutional proposals that meet the following evaluation:

  • Compatibility: Proposals should be compatible with the following:
  • Relevance: The proposal must enhance the research subject with new outcomes and knowledge 
  • Clarity: Proposals must be clear, comprehensive and unambiguous
  • Literature Review & Analysis: Proposals must comprehensively survey existing literature to gauge the current knowledge of the subject, as well as justify the need for the new research
  • Measurability: Research should be conducted in such a way that outcomes are valid, measurable and relevant to the research program
  • Research Methodology: Researcher must indicate the participants involved in the research and study, and the data collection methods must be clear and precise 
  • Project Planning & Administration: Details of the planning and administration of the project must be laid out clearly. This includes the use of financial and human resources and the availability of a research team if one has been proposed
  • Research Team Capability: All research team members must have the qualifications, knowledge and skills needed to conduct the research
  • Budget & Time frame: The proposal must include a realistic and reasonable time frame for the research, with a detailed plan of each stage of the project. The budget should be reasonable and reflect all necessary expenses
  • Ethics: The proposal must detail the ethical considerations of the study, including the best practice of scientific research. It must respect the culture and traditions of Oman and the harmony between the various components of Omani society
  • National Capacity Building: The proposal should contribute in building the national research capacity

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