The Undergraduate Research Grants (URG)


The Undergraduate Research Grants (URG) are awarded to undergraduate students currently enrolled in academic programs in higher education institutions in Oman, to conduct research projects, either on campus or at other research institutes in the Sultanate, with the option of being part of the student’s academic course or graduation projects.

URG grants aim to enable students to explore topics of interest, and gain experience in conducting advanced research, scholarly and creative work, as well as developing a close academic and professional relationship with faculty members. The URG helps build a solid research basis, where the student’s learning process is enhanced not only by observation, but by being personally and proactively engaged in carrying out the research projects, thereby developing a deeper understanding of research approaches, theories, methodologies and techniques.

Participation in the URG has the potential to be a life changing experience and transform a student’s attitude and thinking of research, innovation and their future career. This, in turn, not only develops the student’s professional attributes, but also positively develops their personalities as they acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills.

The program aims to:

  1. Develop the culture of competitive research in Oman
  2. Enrich undergraduate student’s learning experience
  3. Encourage undergraduates to seek careers in research.
  4. contribute towards the development of a knowledge-based economy.