The National Research Award (NRA) 2020


The National Research Award (NRA)

Submission Announcement

(Seventh Cycle / 2020)


The Research Council is pleased to invite qualified researchers to apply for the National Research Award 2020. The Award aims to encourage researchers to conduct high quality and relevant research in areas of national interest. The submission period is from Sunday 15/03/2020 to Wednesday 29/04/2020.


The NRA is divided into two categories:

Category I: Best published research led by a Ph.D. holder or equivalent (Senior Specialist or higher in the medical field) at the time of the article’s publication.

Category II: Best published research led by a young researcher (a non-PhD holder).


Research Fields:

  1. Education and Human Resources
  2. Information and Communication Technologies
  3. Health and Social Services
  4. Cultural, Social, and Basic Sciences
  5. Energy and Industry
  6. Environmental and Biological Resources


General Conditions:

  • The applicant must be the first author; whose name appears first in the published article.
  • The research article must be of relevance to the Sultanate of Oman and falls under one of the six research fields of the Award.
  • The published research must not have won any other award nationally or internationally.
  • The research must have been published after the 15th of March, 2017, in a refereed journal, indexed in Scopus or Web of Science, or in one of the Arabic periodicals listed on the Award’s page on TRC’s website.
  • The Award is limited only to original research studies and articles. Other publications such as review articles, conference proceedings, historical articles, book chapters or medical case reports are not accepted.
  • Only one application per cycle is allowed. If an applicant submits more than one application, then all of them will be excluded.
  • TRC has the right to request any additional information.
  • The Award’s evaluation committee members are neither allowed to compete for the award nor to be members of any research team competing for the award.
  • The applicant must provide written consent from each team member to prove his or her approval to participate in the competition.
  • The Award winners must be willing to attend and present their research at TRC’s Annual Research Forum.
  • Only complete applications for the Award submitted electronically on TRC’s website, and supplemented with all the required documents as attachments, will be considered for evaluation.
  • The evaluation committee’s decisions are final and no objection in this regard will ever be entertained.
  • The application cycle will end at 02.00 pm on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020.


Specific Conditions (at the time of publication):


  1. The applicant for Category I must be a Ph.D. holder or equivalent (Senior Specialist or higher in the medical field) 
  2. The applicant for Category II must be a non-PhD holder


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