Researchers’ Incentives Program

incentive program

The Researchers’ Incentives Program seeks to increase the level of research productivity and promote interest in research to support Oman’s economic and social growth.

Aim of the program is to increase the number of active researchers in Oman, motivate researchers and postgraduate students to contribute to local capacity building and promote the publication in international refereed journals as well as the filing/granting of patents.

Application Criteria 

Applications are limited to individual researchers that have or are participating in Open Research Grant (ORG) projects and comply with its special output conditions.

For completed ORGs, any application for financial incentive must be submitted within three years after completion of the project. TRC may exempt granting a patent output from this period.

For on-going ORGs, the principal investigator (PI) may submit applications for financial incentives only once per year, immediately after the submission and approval of the progress/final report by TRC.

Applications for the funding of the following research activities are not considered: participation in a conference, presenting a paper, publishing in non- refereed journal, or an unattained patent for financial incentives
For a full overview on research outputs and their financial values, please refer to the Program Guidelines below.