Graduate Research Support Program


The Graduate Research Support Program (GRSP) was founded to support pre-doctoral investigators. GRSP will help those investigators to pursue research in the following areas:

  • Education and Human resources
  • Humanity and Basic sciences
  • Information Communication Technology 
  • Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Energy and Industry
  • Health &Social Development

Objectives of the program

  • Encourage research initiatives by individuals or groups of investigators in areas specific to their interest and relevant to their expertise
  • Develop skills in grant writing and research methodology
  • Enhance hands-on training in research
  • Establish a network of researchers
  • Improve the quantity and quality of research in Oman.
  • Elucidate the role of TRC in promoting research in the country
  • Spread research culture in the Sultanate.

Application Criteria 

General Criteria:

  • The Principle Investigator (PI) must be Omani. The Supervisor, Co-PI or the Co-Investigator can be non-Omani
  • The Research team (PI, Supervisor, Co-PI, and Co-Investigators) must be all registered at an institution(s) affiliated with TRC
  • The Application should be submitted via The Electronic Submission System (TRESS) on TRC website
  • The Application requires approval from the IFP
  • Only one application by the same Principal Investigator should be submitted per call
  • PI awarded GRSP grant must submit the final report, before he/she can re-apply for another GRSP grant
  • The maximum duration of a GRSP grant is three years
  • PhD degree holders are not eligible to apply as Principal Investigator, but can apply as supervisors or Co-Investigators
  • Participation in GRSP as a supervisor or Co-Investigator does not restrict the application for a different research fund program supported by the Research Council
  • In case of failure in conducting/closing the project by the Principal Investigator for any reason, the institute focal point and the supervisor, in coordination with TRC, should appoint a replacement
  • In case of project termination, unutilized funds are to be returned to TRC

Criteria for institute employees:

  • The PI should be a full time employee at an institution affiliated with TRC. A minimum qualification of a Bachelor degree is required
  • Bachelor degree applicants require at least 3 years work experience and a supervisor for the project.  The minimum qualification of the supervisor is a Master Degree
  • The supervisor does not have to be from the same institution as the Principal Investigator  
  • Supervision and work experience are not mandatory for Master Degree holder applicant but a Co- Principal Investigator is required

Criteria for postgraduate students:

  • The PI can be a full time or part-time Omani postgraduate student, registered at an academic institution affiliated with TRC
  • The application requires the approval of the supervisor
  • The PI should not be registered as a postgraduate student in any project/grant funded by TRC
  • OMSB residents are required to be actively registered at one of the OMSB programs. The resident requires a supervisor with a consultant post or higher
  • The funded research project should be accomplished before the end of postgraduate study, or residency program of OMSB