Social Observatory Research Program

social observatory

Established to monitor and analyze social change in the Sultanate through scientific research, the Social Observatory Research Program seeks to develop infrastructure for data sources and social indicators; and ensure sustainability of the data. It also strives to enrich social research in Oman by forming relationships between various universities and centers of local and international research.

The program focuses on three key areas to try and measure the negative and positive impact of social change on local society:

  • Collection of data to act as a reference for researchers and decision-makers
  • Research on social change to develop a national research capacity in this field
  • Disseminating research results and recommendations and educating the community through workshops and seminars

Headed by the Undersecretary of Ministry of Social Development, the steering committee for the Social Observatory Research Program includes members from the Council of Scientific Research, the Ministry of Health, Sultan Qaboos University, the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Education, the National Center for Statistics and Information, Royal Oman Police, and the Shura Council.

Application Criteria

The Social Observatory Research Program is open to Omani and Omani-based (working at a local institution) researchers with PhD or equivalent qualifications, and MA holders with enough research experience (approval of directing committee required). It also open to non-Omani researchers with a condition of having an Omani local researcher collaborator (PhD qualification). 

The principal investigator (IP) should first submit an initial proposal. After receiving the Steering Committee’s approval for the program, the IP has to share the integrated proposal via TRC’s electronic system.