Road Safety Research Program

road safety

Road traffic accidents are a critical issue facing community development in the Sultanate, due to their social, economic, health and environmental impact. 
At a time when organizations are looking at sustainable solutions, TRC approaches this growing problem from a research-based perspective, operating the Road Safety Research Program on an annual budget of RO 1 million. 

Aim is of the Road Safety Research Program is to offer competitive research grants to promote innovative research projects that would have a direct bearing on mitigating the current situation in the Sultanate. The program is hereby designed to support research work that contributes to the pool of road safety knowledge.

Application Criteria

The Research Council welcomes proposals from all qualified scientists, social scientists and humanities specialists, with a minimum of a PhD or an equivalent qualification. 

Researchers whose qualifications do not include a PhD can seek collaboration with an institution or/and individuals with a PhD who will act as Principal Investigator (PI) for the project and he/she will work with them as research assistant.