Open Research Grant Program


The Open Research Grant (ORG) is a national research program adopted by The Research Council (TRC) to allocate small-to-medium size research grants to short-term and mid-term research projects within the fields of sciences and humanities.

The main goal of the program is to expand and enhance research capacity in the Sultanate. To achieve this, the program supports the creation of teams and networks of researchers and assists young graduates with financial support for their postgraduate research work.

Application Criteria

Applications are open to institutions and individuals, Omani and Oman-based. 

TRC uses two sets of criteria to evaluate ORG submissions: 

  • Excellence is evaluated by specialized peer reviewers 
  • Relevance is evaluated by committee members

Proposals must adequately address all criteria elements in order to avoid disqualification from being considered for an ORG. 

There is no guarantee for a qualified proposal to receive funding support. All eligible proposals are ranked based on the evaluation criteria before they are selected for funding support.

In case a proposal is rejected, the feedback generated in the review process will be communicated to the Principal Investigator (PI) for an opportunity to improve the research proposal.