Research Chair Program

research chair

Set up to develop local research excellence and establish ties between Omani and international research organizations, the Research Chair Program provides financial resources for the establishment of research chairs at higher education institutions. 

Next to advancing knowledge through focused research, the program aims at strengthening the capacity of local institutions to generate and apply new learning. It does so by assisting higher education institutions with the setting up of postgraduate programs and offering attractive career tracks to highly skilled researchers.  

Supported is the Research Chair Program by the Research Chair Committee, which is composed of the following members: 

  • The Minister of Higher Education (Chair) 
  • The Minister of Oil & Gas
  • The Secretary General of the Research Council
  • The presidents of the member universities on the Research Council Board

Application Criteria 

Applications are open to Academic institutions only and can be submitted to the Research Council at any time.  

Phase 1 requirements are usually processed within 3 months of the formal proposal having been submitted; Phase 2 requirements within 2 months of the candidacy. 

Eligible are institutions that:

  • Can attest that the necessary research capacity and infrastructure to train research students are in place
  • Propose themes relevant to the strategic research plan of the institution
  • Committed to providing the research holder with the needed support
  • Chair holders must hold a PhD (full professorship is preferred) and have had a major impact in their relevant research field, with international recognition
  • The Chair Holder must reside full-time in Oman for the duration of the research grant and have a superior record of attracting and supervising graduate students and postdoctoral fellows