OMREN activates eduroam service in 32 locations in Oman

OMREN activates eduroam service in 32 locations in Oman


Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MoHERI) has activated eduroam in 32 locations in the Sultanate distributed among universities, colleges and research centers to enable researchers, academics, and students to stay connected through wireless internet when moving between institutions in Oman or abroad.

eduroam is an innovative Wi-Fi internet access roaming service that allows users to have easy and secure access to wireless internet in research and education institutions within the Sultanate of Oman and abroad by using the same username and password provided by the institution and without the need for any additional settings.

With the activation of eduroam in Oman, statistics indicted that the service has been used 502,542 times in 2021 by students and researchers connected to the service. The service has been developed by the global research community and is available only for students, researchers and academics affiliated with official research networks such as OMREN, which is the official network in the Sultanate of Oman and the authorized organization to provide this innovative service in the country through OMREN Federation.

OMREN aims to enable eduroam in public areas for the benefit of the research community with the support of the strategic partners and concerned authorities. For more information about eduroam, interested individuals can visit ( to learn more about the service.

Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) is a central part of a sustainable infrastructure that contributes to the emergence of an effective national innovation ecosystem. It provides the research and education community in the Sultanate of Oman with a common network and collaboration infrastructure adapted to their needs.