OCCI Innovation Award

An award initiated by The Research Council and sponsored by Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It aims to stimulate and adopt the citizens and the residents’ innovative ideas in science and technology, and to transform them into products or services in the market.
The award seeks to encourage and promote cooperation and partnership among all components of society from individuals, institutions of both public and private sector, and the academic sector among all governorates of the Sultanate to support and development of innovation.

 Who can apply?

  •  Student
  •  Entrepreneurs
  • Scientific researchers
  • Employees working both in the government and in private sector
  • job seekers

How to apply:

  •  Registration will be open starting November 1, 2018 through The Research Council website: www.trc.gov.om
  •   Deadline for submission will be on December 31, 2018.

Terms and Conditions

  • The subject of participation must be within the innovation, scientific, technical and with economic viability.
  • The participant is the owner of the idea.
  • The proposed idea must never have won in any previous competitions.
  • The participation idea should have a commercial viability and can be transformed to the market.
  • The idea can be developed into a prototype.
  • Number of participants in one team must not exceed 3 members.

For more information:

        Mail to : innovate.oman@trc.gov.om

OCCI Innovation Award Registration

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