Innovation Park Muscat (IPM)


Innovation Park Muscat is Oman’s newest and most ambitious science and technology development.  It is one of the major initiatives by The Research Council (TRC) aimed at encouraging scientific research, innovation and activate collaboration between the academic, private and the diverse industry sectors of local and international communities.

IPM seeks to provide and enable a healthy milieu for researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs by providing them with the services that help them to develop their soft skills and focus on scientific research. It also strives to build on their ability to utilize knowledge, develop products based on scientific research, and turn ideas into commercial products. This will promote and contribute to the efforts made by the government to diversify sources of national economy.

IPM's location, space and facilities 
IPM is located in Al Khoudh near Sultan Qaboos University. It stretches over 540,000 square meters and is implemented in three stages over 10 years.

The first stage of the project, which was initiated in March 2013, includes three buildings namely the main building the innovation center, the social center and the fabrication workshop. The second stage will include institutes focused on Energy & Health sectors, a hotel and a mosque. The third stage includes other institutes for Food & Biotechnology and Water & Environment sectors and an international school. IPM provides spaces for setting up R&D centers by local and foreign investors.

IPM Specializations

Initially IPM will focus on four specializations that may contribute to achieving sustainable development 

  • Food and Biotechnology
  • Health
  • Water and Environment
  • Energy and renewable energy 


IPM Aims


  • Promote entrepreneurship and innovation at the targeted sectors. 
  • Provide research and innovation friendly environment to facilitate transformation to a knowledge-based economy 
  • Enhance cooperation among public organizations, universities and private sector. 
  • Create new employment opportunities 
  • Add value to the products of the companies 
  • Attract foreign investments.